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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

The Board: Purpose

  1. Strategy
  2. The Board is responsible for implementing the strategy as defined by the General Assembly. As such, the Board decides on endorsing projects whose scope or characteristics has been defined by the General Assembly.
  3. Support
  4. The Board is responsible for providing assistance to the BIBA projects on any but the technological issues. These issues might have a financial, legal, partnering, communication, networking, ... character.
  5. Communication
  6. The Board is sole responsible for opening and maintaining communication channels with the members and with the outside world. No member can speak on behalf of BIBA without the prior consent of the Board.
  7. Promotion
  8. The Board makes the passive and active promotion of the BIBA projects.
    The passive promotion can be done, for instance, by organizing the findings of the projects so that any other project can bank on it or, for instance, by responding to requests by an outsider. The active promotion can be done, for instance, by publishing press releases, sending memo's to the representatives of the Belgian (Federal, Regions, Communities) governments.
  9. Bookkeeping
  10. The Board keeps the financial status of BIBA.
    The Board proposes a scheme for membership fees to the General Assembly.
  The Qualification of the Members
  The Projects: Qualification for a Project
  The Projects: Submission
  The Projects: Endorsement
  The Projects: Implementation
  The Projects: Evaluation
  The Projects: Promotion
  The Board: Purpose
  The Board: Composition of the Board
  The Board: Selection of the Board
  The Board: Term
  The Board: Accountability
  The Board: Experts
  The Board: Decision taking

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