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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

The Projects: Qualification for a Project

In order to be endorsed by BIBA, a project needs to:
  • be repeatable, this means not been a niche project or a restricted one (due to patent, copyright, ...)
  • use existing technology
  • target a wide audience and more specifically the citizens and SME's
  • be measurable
  • be realistic
  • be "low budget"
  • ...
  The Qualification of the Members
  The Projects: Qualification for a Project
  The Projects: Submission
  The Projects: Endorsement
  The Projects: Implementation
  The Projects: Evaluation
  The Projects: Promotion
  The Board: Purpose
  The Board: Composition of the Board
  The Board: Selection of the Board
  The Board: Term
  The Board: Accountability
  The Board: Experts
  The Board: Decision taking

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