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The Board: Term

The Board members are elected for a period of 2 years. The members coming at the end of their term can resubmit their candidacy for a new term. Board member activity is without remuneration. Any individual Board member that leaves the company or organisation he represents is assumed to resign from the Board. The open position in the Board will be decided by the General Assembly if no other suitable candidate from the same company or organisation can be assigned in the 2 weeks of his resignation.
  The Qualification of the Members
  The Projects: Qualification for a Project
  The Projects: Submission
  The Projects: Endorsement
  The Projects: Implementation
  The Projects: Evaluation
  The Projects: Promotion
  The Board: Purpose
  The Board: Composition of the Board
  The Board: Selection of the Board
  The Board: Term
  The Board: Accountability
  The Board: Experts
  The Board: Decision taking

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