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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

Financial support

Financial support should be provided for the BIBA-platform as well as for the BIBA-projects.

For The BIBA-platform:

Financial support might be required to sustain the BIBA-initiative and may be provided by public institutions (international, federal or regional) and through membership fees. The height of the fees depends on a qualification of the members, the budgets and a funding scheme that are proposed by the Board and accepted by the members. The Board submits a financial status to the members on a regular basis.

For the BIBA-projects:

The BIBA-platform shall support the members with looking for funding for the projects that are qualified as a BIBA-project. It is envisaged that some of these projects will benefit of European, federal or regional funding programs as well as funding by the participants in the project. Though the finances are governed within the project, a quarterly status report will be delivered to the Board and financial statements whenever institutional funding is provided to that project.
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