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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

The BIBA - entity

In order to put the principles as set forth herein to practice, it is acknowledged that the signatories will have to determine whether BIBA should evolve into a legal entity, and what kind of legal entity that should be.
So as to ensure that swift progress can be made in this particular field, the signatories have a representative of each of them on the pre-constitutive board of BIBA (the "Preparatory Board"), with as a minimum the following agenda:
  • Establish an internal procedure for the Preparatory Board to take decisions;
  • Decide on the question whether BIBA should be a legal body and if so, which structure should fit the best;
  • If the outcome on the former item on the agenda is positive, decide on the actual legal framework to apply and on a milestone plan towards incorporation of such legal entity, ensuring a way forward for editing and agreeing on articles of association, establishing conditions for adherence of members to BIBA, ensuring compliance with legal and administrative requirements, etc. .....
  • Give mandate to a workgroup to draw out the working principles of BIBA by May 16 2003 at the latest. The working principles will reflect the spirit of this MoU and allow its optimal execution. The workgroup delivers a monthly progress report to the Preparatory Board. Upon acceptance of the final draft of these principles by at least 2/3 of the members of the Preparatory Board, these working principles will be included in the MoU and the workgroup will be dissolved.
The members of the "Preparatory Board" are: (list with members who did confirm their endorsement.)
Venue of the meeting shall be the Cabinet of the Minister of Telecommunications, avenue de la Toison d'Or 87, B-1060 Brussels.
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  Protection of the members
  The BIBA - entity
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MoU version 05/02/2003 in pdf

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