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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

The Charter of BIBA

BIBA should be:
  • A catalyst, in a sense that the value of BIBA should be higher than the sum of the value of each individual member and should accelerate the process of implementing new ideas or solutions;
  • An advocacy for Broadband Applications, this means BIBA should act much like other federations in order to influence the Belgian politics at the federal and regional levels;
  • A single point of contact between the members and the 'outside world', in both directions in matters that concern BIBA in general (excluding the individual projects and the daily activities of the members);
  • As much as possible 'politically colorless', this means as much as possible independent of a ministry;
  • A stimulator and initiator to new projects, by facilitating the deployment of easy developable and reproducible applications on broadband which can be offered to the market of SME's and home-users, and by enhanced cooperation between companies;
  • An environment where service companies which can deploy services on a broadband network can find each other to learn from each other or can find partners to collaborate within a project.
BIBA needs to be an attractive mix of thinking and acting. First emphasis needs to be on acting (BIBA-projects) as the broadband infrastructure badly needs applications. However, the BIBA-platform should never loose sight on the way ahead. What do technologies offer in the near future? What will be possible that is not today? Key to have a lasting effect of this platform, is to have the applications evolve along with technology or even to anticipate its coming.
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MoU version 05/02/2003 in pdf

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