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Pilot projects


Pilot projects

As from the first meetings, several pilot projects are already in a start-up phase and will provide some early results to the BIBA Platform in the coming weeks. Amongst them are e.g.:

Clic! project

The Clic! project aims at increasing cancer patients quality of life by providing them a turn-key Internet connection kit in hospitals rooms.
This connection will enable them:
  • To communicate with their family, relatives, friends, school, their colleagues etc. => Enables e-Learning, school ILine, teleworking.
  • To obtain appropriate information about the illness and the psychosocial support available.
  • To have access to e-Services: e-booking, e-Banking, e-Business, e-Government applications, etc.
The project is ready to start with its pilot-phase in one hospital in Brussels.

ICT for tele-care and tele-nursing

The demographic evolution makes it obvious that new tools have to be developed to fulfil the future needs for care for the elderly people. ICT makes it possible for the elderly to stay in their own well known home, even if they need specific medical care. A direct visual contact trough videoconferencing systems opens a permanent window on the world for disabled elderly. A non-profit organization has been founded to promote ICT for tele-care and tele-nursing.
The organization:
  • Promotes research and development of specific ICT applications that improve the quality of life of elderly people.
  • Promotes and support innovative projects in that field.
  • Facilitates cooperation between all the stakeholders in the field of care and cure.
  • Is the think-tank to integrate all the adjacent aspects of ICT and care.

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