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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

Internal Communication

BIBA shall use English as the standard language for all internal communications, save where the law or regulations require another language to be used.
Parties will contribute to the setting up of a proper framework for BIBA to communicate electronically, allowing optimal contacts between the members of Project- and Working Groups for the purposes of BIBA.
Several other existing governmental initiatives will also be instrumental in the development of the BIBA projects:
I-Line: Initiative for schools, libraries and hospital can access the Internet at special rates. Initiated a few years ago and extended to Broadband access.
PC-Privé: Allow employees, in agreement with their employer, to acquire ICT equipment and Internet Broadband access at fiscally interesting conditions.
eDay: Governmental intervention for young entrepreneurs, retired persons and the defavorised of the society. Cheques are provided to them for the acquisition of ICT equipment and Internet access.
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