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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform

Protection of the members

Therefore BIBA should create a protective environment for members to initiate projects and engage in collaborative efforts in order to allow each member to offer as much as he or she can. This protective environment should encompass:
  • A pre-set, well defined co-development framework that strictly within the boundaries of competition law and within the overall aim to enhance the broadband applications market, allows various parties to co-operate in projects,
  • Clear principles in respect of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (MOU does not result in the transfer of any title to property or intellectual property right as between parties) on solutions proposed,
  • A general Non Disclosure Agreement to protect the Confidentiality within BIBA,
  • Clearly regulated ownership of results,
  • The setting up of a collaboration format qualifying for European subsidizing (consortium, JV's...),
  • Creation of a commercialisation model reflecting the efforts of each participant,
  • etc....
Such protection should be organized within the different projects between the different members of such projects. In this way competition between different projects is not excluded and it allows the free competition within the projects as in the market.
Each Party will continue to act as an independent contractor. No agency, joint venture or other joint marketing relationship is created by or within the MOU. BIBA will not promote any individual product by name, but it can promote the use of a type of service or product what will result in promoting broadband and broadband applications.
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