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Belgian Internet Broadband Applications - Platform
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What is BIBA?

Biba is an initiative started at the end of 2002 by the Belgian Minister of Telecommunications, Rik Daems, to foster Broadband applications development. Belgium is at present one of the most advanced countries as far as the number of Broadband users per habitant is concerned. Also Belgium has at present a geographical coverage of terrestrial Broadband access that covers at least 98% of the population. The Platform is open to all organizations and companies willing to play an active role in this development. As from the start, the participants agreed to create a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for setting the scene and hereby are the major objectives as of this MoU.
What is BIBA?
  The Goals of the BIBA-Platform
  Protection of the members
  Internal Communication
  Participating organizations as today in BIBA
  Pilot projects

  The Charter of BIBA
  Protection of the members
  The BIBA - entity
  Internal Communication
  External Communication
  Financial support

MoU version 05/02/2003 in pdf

  The Qualification of the Members
  The Projects: Qualification for a Project
  The Projects: Submission
  The Projects: Endorsement
  The Projects: Implementation
  The Projects: Evaluation
  The Projects: Promotion
  The Board: Purpose
  The Board: Composition of the Board
  The Board: Selection of the Board
  The Board: Term
  The Board: Accountability
  The Board: Experts
  The Board: Decision taking

BIBA-WP version 30/04/2003 in pdf

How to become a member of BIBA?

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